Cactus and Butterfly painting.

The inspiration for creating Juniper June, our Prints & Greeting card boutique has been many years in the making.

Art has been my passion since I was around five years old, from sketching on any surface I could find (sorry mum), to learning to paint with my Gran. That progressed to extracurricular art classes and honing my craft. I chose a Hydrangea as the subject of an early Watercolor lesson and from that point on I was hooked on painting flowers!

At Juniper June we spend a lot of time exploring gardens, photographing and researching flowers. From there we get start putting what we see onto paper and creating our Art Prints and cards. Our love of flowers came from both of our Grandmothers, who took great pride in their gardens.

The environment is something that is very important to us at Juniper June; we commit time to Beach Clean ups and are conscious of how our decisions affect the environment. We choose recyclable envelopes to accompany our greeting cards and research how to limit our impact on the environment.

One of the reasons we focus on nature at Juniper June is because it doesn’t matter who you are, the benefits and beauty of the natural world are accessible to everyone.

Juniper June.

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