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LOVE Greeting Cards

Hand holding a greeting card with the words LOVE made of purple painted flowers

Our new greeting card design ‘LOVE’ is a celebration of all things love.

These cards are available now on our Etsy store! Perfect for Weddings, Engagements or for any day you just feel like sharing a little love.

The inspiration behind this new card design is “love is love”. We wanted to try to capture that by creating a visual that evokes a feeling of happiness and freedom. The design is hand-painted, then finished digitally and printed on high quality paper. The flowers on these cards are based off flowers we saw in the garden as children.

Flowers and floral designs have always featured in our work, so we really enjoy incorporating flowers into the designs of these latest greeting cards. These delicate, flowery images remind us of home and we hope they comfort anyone who receives one.

Every order of these cards will come with a matching recycled paper envelope.

Please feel free to Contact us if you need any more information on these cards and the packs they can be ordered in.

Juniper June.

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